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The Tooth Fairy & Father Christmas
July 20, 2010, 10:37 pm
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I’ve just had one of those heart stopping moments, when you say something and immediately know it’s the wrong thing to say … in one short sentence I almost wiped out Emily’s childhood … the fact that I’m writing this means there was a happy ending but, phew! close call ….

There has been a loose tooth for days, maybe weeks, it’s dragged on and on, a little bit wobbly, then wobblier, tongue sore from twiddling it, often tears at meal times when it gets caught, this must be one of the most hung on to teeth in the history of teeth loss.

Finally, this afternoon out it came, I was driving and nearly crashed as Em screamed at me to look! we kept it very safe until bed time and that’s where it all went wrong. We did the usual story, then a chat about ‘my day’ school was fun, they’re winding down for the hols, 10 out of 10 in spellings which impressed me when one of them was ‘pieces’ I’m sure I couldn’t spell that when I was 7 …

Then the tooth went in a little bag under the pillow and the questions started … ‘ Mummy, is the tooth fairy real?’  child X says it isn’t … this went on for ages, some logic kicked in, I thought, can I really continue to argue that some flowery fairy will brave these storms to remove the bloody tooth and leave, in it’s place £1.00 (I know, inflation, it was sixpence)

I thought, will she be picked on at school for believing, am I trying to keep her ‘my baby’ , it’s not fair, it’s not true … sod it .. No, I said, it’s me, first she smiled, that self satisfied, I knew I was right … then silence,  well, almost apart from the sound of her little brain whirring … it dawned on me first .. I’ve blown it now, Christmas is ruined, I’ve really deprived my little innocent of the last shreds of her childhood, tomorrow she’ll demand a bra, get spots and have a teenage tantrum …

I held my breath … ‘Mummy, I wonder if Father Christmas knows that the tooth fairy isn’t real’

The tooth fairy was so relieved she left a £2.00 coin.


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