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Rebecca, sometimes Bec, never Becky! Italian, with a little Mexican, Father and Yorkshire, with a little Irish, Mother = passionate about everything I fling myself in to, and fling I do…. frequently….

Brought up in a fabulous restaurant, which sourced fresh local food long before it was the ‘in thing’ to do, in fact it was probably the only thing to do… no ‘Rechauffe’ in the 70’s ..  memories of growing up in a restaurant… asking mum if we could have beans on toast cos I was bored with fillet steak! could we have meat paste sandwiches like my friends as smoked salmon tasted funny…..  sweet!

After school, which didn’t really inspire me, I moved in to the hospitality industry, planning and managing events … what is it that happens to a Woman when she gets an engagement ring on her finger? 1 year of dealing with near hysterical ‘brides to be’ and I moved in to corporate sales….

Eventually moved in to Hotel Management where I rediscovered my passion for fine food…..

The ‘devastation’ caused by the Foot and Mouth outbreak lead to a career move for me, working for a small Dales Market Town to assist with Post FMD Regeneration. Out of this project was born Feast, created to promote a superb range of fresh produce from the Yorkshire Dales.


From a conservation grazing scheme in the Yorkshire Dales
From a conservation grazing scheme in the Yorkshire Dales

Together with my, then, business partner Sally, we engaged with farmers, growers and food producers…. introducing them to retailers, chefs and ultimately consumers, who had an interest in sourcing fresh local produce.

We worked with Farmers Markets, created foodie events and ultimately wrote Deliciously Dales

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